Thursday, October 22, 2015

Supernatural: Cosplay costumes Complete!! (Almost...)

   With Halloween upon me I needed to finish our customers in case Huz wants to be Dean for Halloween. He might choose to be one of the Doctors but I'm not sure. I wanted to be ready, just in case. So I finally bought the last tow components I had been needing for Soul Survivor cosplay (Sam and Dean), and Lucifer!Sam for the cosplay contest on Saturday of the Con. !! 

   I'll be sharing pictures of the completed outfits shortly. I have to go steal the out of our bedroom closet to model them for you. 

Lucifer!Sam for the Cosplay contest on Saturday. I won't wear it the whole day, as I will die of heat stroke. But I'll wear it as long as I can after the Contest. I just got the shoes, shiny things they are, but I can't find anything like what I want for less, so the sparkly ones win. I'm only missing a rose bud which I will hopefully order when we get there, but maybe I'll buy a plastic one to take just in case I can't afford a real one, delivered to the hotel.

Dean's murder shirt, used best to my mind from Soul Survivor, 10x3. I didn't want to take the time to put on my boots, but I have them, so I'm all set. 

And Sam from Soul Survivor, with a very good shirt. The pattern and color and size is consistent, if not exactly exactly a match. Arm sling has more white details than Jared's, but what are you gonna do? The one like his was like $20, as opposed to this one which was only $10. Also holding my favorite, Ruby's knife Demon Slayer!! I love that knife.

   So, all in all, I'm ready. At least costume-wise. Three good costumes, and I'm sure I have nothing else to worry about. Right?  

   Alright, in all seriousness I do, in fact, have a ton to do so I'm going to go do it. Night night!!

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