Thursday, September 10, 2015

Introduction to my Cosplay and prop making blog!!

   Hello, and welcome!! I'm really new to this Cosplay stuff, although I've always loved dressing in costumes and wished I could make my own props. I'm not a fancy person, I don't have mad sewing skills. When I was a kid, my Mum used to make us all of our halloween costumes and she was really good at it, making really good ones for us. As we got older, things got more difficult and she wasn't able to keep making us our costumes so we had to make them ourselves or buy them at the store, but I have still always loved halloween.

   Now that we have a kid, I love to go crazy for Halloween!! This year is the first we won't be dressing together as a family because I simply haven't got time to make everyone costumes. We were Doctor Who characters one year, and last year we were Wizard of Oz characters. I'd like to an Alice in Wonderland group soon, since I love that story, but that's going to have to wait for a year. Since kiddo is old enough to have a preference, I want to go with what my kiddo is interested in, and I can be Sam, and Huz can either be Dean, or one of the Doctors. (He's got 3 choices.) 

   This is why I love the idea of Cosplay, even if I'm no where near talented enough to be good at it. I don't sew well, just functionally, basically, but I keep trying to expand my skills. I recently made Ruby's knife and I'm really proud of it, as my first-ever cosplay prop. I cheat, and go to Goodwill for my costume elements. I'm on a pretty short budget, so it's not like I can run out and spend a ton. I will post about the various Cosplays i'm working on and how I"m making my props once I get some time to recopy and find pictures. This way I can keep my jewelry line blog just about my jewelry, and talk over here about the cosplay for the Convention. Yay!!

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