Friday, September 11, 2015

Supernatural: Dean's Gun. (#1)

   Hello, and welcome!! I'm an amateur Cosplayer who has recently decided to start making my own props. I've always wanted to, so I guess with my decision to start this business at Conventions, the time has come. I'm rally glad to be doing this, and I hope I don't screw anything up!! I've never tried this before, so if you're following along at home and I goof, try to make sure you wait until I finish a project before you follow in my steps so I know I don't send you off of a preverbal cliff!!

   So, the piece I want to make is Dean's regular gun. Huz could tell you exactly what it is and all that, but I'm not that talented. So, after checking out some pictures on Pinterest, I'm thinking I can mechanically turn the gun from point A to point B with a minimum amount of fuss. We'll see, as there are one or two parts I'm not sure if they will go as simply as I'm thinking they will, or if I will have to rethink it a few times. Fingers crossed!!

   Here is the original.

He has this really nice, fairly fancy (and, as a Fan, I have always kind of wondered about the origins of this gun. It doesn't seem like something he would pick. Is it sentimental? Was it John's? Or Henry's?) Anyway... Really pretty, with the engraving detail and the really bright mother-of-pearl handles. And it's seriously bright and shiny.

And then, there's mine, that I bought today at a local costume shop. (Thanks, Bubbles of Joy!!) It's getting hard to find toy guns, since I guess people consider them "unsafe" or something. Lame. Anyway, this one is the base I bought with the lovely camo and orange nose that they put on for safety, so you know it's not a real gun. 

   This one happens to be a water pistol, so it has a trigger that actually moves. My plan is going to involve, first and fore-most, using sand paper to knock off the icky mold seams, and some lightly- engraved words on the side about the type of "gun" this is. I'm also going to try to get some of that orange paint off of the nose.

   My next concern is that the grips of this one are finished like a knurled finish (meaning the cross-hatching pattern frequently found in metal objects like tools and Firearms so they are more easy to grip.) That doesn't work well for the smooth grips of the original. I'm hoping I can use a combination of clay, yes no, maybe so, and sand paper to knock it down enough that you won't be able to see that texture anymore. I guess we'll see how it goes. That's the part I'm most worried about. If I can do enough to soften the grips, then I'll paint them like mother of pearl. And the rest of the gun in silvery colors, of course.

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