Friday, September 11, 2015

Supernatural: Samuel Colt's Colt. (#1).

   Hello again, and welcome!! I'm so excited to be doing this!! I need better pictures, though. I'll get them once I'm sure my Huz is in bed. 

   My Huz bought himself a "replica gun" of the Colt from the Convention we went to in February, which is (in my opinion, and I'll never tell him this) not exactly great. It's just not my taste, but he was very happy and even bought it for himself since I was kind of at a loss as far as what to get him for such a major date. But, I must admit, I'm not into it. I just don't think it looks very good. I feel I could do better. So, for Christmas I'm going to make him my version, and he can have both. And since the gun came in a pack of two, I'm going to sell one either at the Convention, or on Etsy. We'll see where the other one ends up. ;)

The original, which is GORGEOUS. It's got that wonderful engraving throughout, and the gold accents on the barrel and the cylinder. It's also this beautiful dark silver color that makes it look black, most of which Huz's current replica is missing.

Here's the beginning of the replica I'm going to make him. I'm going to try to knick the big blunt thing off the nose, add something to make the barrel the right hexagonal shape and give it more significance. I didn't notice how ill-proportioned the grip is compared to the barrel. Hopefully I can fix it. Also, it hasn't got a trigger that you can actually pull. And, of course, it is HIDEOUSLY orange!!

   So, first thing to do is going to be knock off the icky seams around these too, like with the other, get better pictures of the swirls on the orange one, and get it as ready as I can for changing the barrel shape, length and size. Hmm... That might take a bit of thinking, to overcome the barrel issue. Maybe a combo of some narrow popsicle sticks and clay? I'm not sure. And, maybe cut off the trigger guard? I'm not sure what it will look like without it. If the trigger guard is solid plastic I'll be okay, but I'm not sure it is. I'll get some better pictures soon, before I do anything else to the gun. Of the engraving detail and the icky seams and stuff. Kind of excited. I really love doing this stuff. !!

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