Friday, September 11, 2015

Supernatural: make up trial part one.

   Hello and welcome!! I'm still learning, and I've never done stage make up in my life. The only time I've tried it, it actually didn't work out, so I'm hoping I have better success with this!! My intent is to put the Mark of Cain on someone's arm. Either mine, Huz's, or my Cosplay buddy Shaun. (I'm the Sam to his Dean.) I'm just not sure if he's coming to the Convention in California, but he will hopefully be there in Phoenix at least so we can finally do what we've been dreaming. I'm still really hoping he can come to California in November, but I guess we'll see. 

   So, the Mark of Cain is actually a curse, but it presents in the show like a brand that glows when it asserts its power on the bearer. I can't really make it glow, but I can make it look like it's raised, I hope. At Bubbles of Joy, Chad told me how to use something fibrous, like cotton from cotton balls, to give the Mark some good thickness, and it will stay put for the whole day, since it will be a very long day. I'm going to make a few ahead of time so we can just apply them and remove them and do a bit of paint the day of. And bloody us up a bit, too. It should be easy, in theory. I'm also hoping to take the time to bloody us up more as the day progresses. 

The Mark when Dean is receiving it from Cain. Note the glowing quality.

The Mark just sitting. It has a thick appearance, like a brand. But it's so much more than just skin deep, it causes a lot of problems with the accompanying curse.

   Shaun and I wanted to dress like Sam and Dean from three episodes, and one of them would involve Dean being a Demon, as Shaun really wants to wear the black sclera contacts, and it's my favorite. We would both be bloody, since they had a fight the episode before. We also wanted to dress like one where Dean's injuries get worse through the day. And the plan was for another particular episode where no one would be bloody, so I might have the day off of make up. But, since Huz might be my Dean instead, I'd have to limit us to just the day where Dean is wearing the Mark, simply because I want to do it on someone!! I would only do it on him that day while we're dressed as the characters form the episode where Dean is Marked. Then I think Huz would wear his ties the rest of the weekend and I would wear plaid without any further interest. Except for the Cosplay contest, where I'm entering (and expecting to not win) as Lucifer!Sam in the white suit. We'll see how all of this goes. 

   Having Shaun go along would not only be super fun, but it would also be more memorable for people to come by and see we're Cosplaying as these characters. I think it would be unique, since the booths don't generally get run by Cosplayers actively Cosplaying unless that's what they sell. (Like Hilly Hindy, who is a professional Cosplayer and Parody Goddess.) I'm going to see how we go. I'll be practicing as soon as possible, and I'm going to put the Mark on Huz for Halloween or on myself, if he won't dress as Dean. We'll see.

   So here's my make ups:

Bruise color wheel, which has some great colors for the Mark as well, and liquid latex, prose-aide, to help the liquid latex-made Mark stick to someone's arm, and this gel to seal the top of it. And, lurking in the background, a remover to take it off, as I'm sure he would like to not wear it, at some point in the evening.

   I'm a bit tired tonight to try taking that on in addition to everything else I have to do, but I will be getting it going as soon as I can. I'm so excited!! Night night!!

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