Monday, September 14, 2015

Make up; Second post.

   Hello!! I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing, but I'm going to see if I'm going in the right direction. I'm waiting for Huz to go to bed because I don't want him to ask questions about the make up as he might realize why I was at the costume shop. (The answer is, I'm making him something for christmas!!) So I don;t want him to ask and start to put together my recent errands. 

   Once I have the kitchen to myself I can find out if the sponges I bought today at Target will work. I couldn't find quite what I was looking for, so I grabbed these, that actually might work better than I had anticipated. My biggest problem with the types of sponges they usually use to apply for scrapes (like what would be on Dean's arm in Yellow Fever) or road rash if you're not familiar with the show, is that the pattern of the typical sponge is like a honey comb, so it's very repetitive and leaves a predictable mark on the skin. 

   I wanted to either rough up the sponge, or find something to apply the make up that isn't so patterned. These have pattern, but they'e more random, like just fibers thrown together. And this isn't. See?

Here's a more side view so you can see the fluffy texture a bit better. They're disposable, which is nice, so hopefully this will be my winner!!

Front. It's very soft, too. That's better than those more aggressive sponges they sell for this purpose elsewhere. Once Huz will get his cute ass to bed I can try it out!!

   Yay!! He's gone to bed finally!! I'm going to get my work started and then take a moment to try out the makeup and see what we think. I do now realize I will need fake blood, but only when my friend is going to Cosplay with me. I won't need it for my other make up uses if Huz and I are the only ones, since he'll be wearing a shirt that covers the arm.

So here's the early part on the show, when he's first experiencing the symptoms, but it gets worse through the episode.

Here's my stage one, the three lines from Dean scratching at it. Pretty good. Probably make the lines a little narrower, and cut the giant sponge thing in half because I really didn't need much.

For fun, I expanded upon what it would like once he had really been digging at it, like he does in the show. This looks more bruise, though, without the blood to make it good and gory. So I'll have to get blood to make it look more like road rash and less like a bruise. But, for the days when we will need bruising I will have that down. Now I just need my friendie to come so this can be necessary!! And, with a bit of a disappointment from the night's work, I'm off to bed. Night!!

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